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DebBacs FM (Facilities Management Service)

The Cashbacs International Limited service DebBacsFM is a debit service with the addition of facilities management.
It was devised to allow businesses without a SUN (Service User Number) to use direct debiting. We provide full facilities management services with this system. Just as the bank would, we ask for a fixed deposit that is retained to protect against indemnity claims.

All our services are accessed via our web application. They live on a secure website and can be accessed by use of the Internet. This means no matter where you are as long as you have the security clearance on your computer/laptop and Internet connectivity you can access the service.

Clients have an option to create transactions manually and/or import a suitable file from an existing software package.

Manual transactions are created using details stored and managed on the web application through a Destination Accounts link. Once created in this area the Destination Accounts can then be accessed through the Transaction Sets link to create payment files.

Many clients already have an application that shows payments to be collected, with or without bank details. These clients generally operate using an Import/Upload function. We write translators in-house to take the export file from your existing software package into the web application. What’s more any initial requirements are included in your set –up fee. If you change the file format at a later stage or add this option in later then there will a charge for translators.

Why import a file?

It saves time, not just in creating your transaction file but also when a need arises to update information. It reduces the possibilities of human error, less mistakes mean more time saved. So ultimately it makes the best use of your time and resources thus saving you money.

Once a transaction file has been created you have the option to view and if needed amend individual lines within that file.
When you are completely happy with the file you submit it to the bureau.

For those clients that operate a two tier system we do offer the system with an additional authorisation stage. Operator A builds the file then Operator B approves the file which sends it on to the bureau.
You control the number of users that have access to the web application. We do not charge for additional users.

This service has the added advantage of AUDDIS (Automated Direct Debit Instruction Service) this means you can electronically submit a direct debit mandate once you have received a signed original from your customer, again saving time, resources and money.

Our Set-Up Fee is exactly that, it includes everything you need to get started:

• Translators for existing export files
• Installation (over the telephone and Internet)
• Training (over the telephone and Internet)
• Unlimited users